The City of Becker, MN is a beautiful town tucked between the Elk and Mississippi rivers, and provides its residents with multiple parks and recreational activities they can enjoy school-placeholder01_0year round. If you are currently living in the area, or are planning to move there soon, why not partner with Progressive Builders and use one of their many house plans to help you create your perfect next, new home.

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We have multiple vacant lots scattered throughout multiple neighborhoods in the city such as, Scenic Hills, Fossum Fields, and Turnquist Farms, that are ready for the construction of your new home to be begin. Within these areas, we also have our move in ready model homes that are both available for purchase and used to serve as our model homes that people can tour in order to gain a better understanding of how our floor plans look once they are finally completed.

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Progressive Builders understands that all of our customers have diverse tastes and preferences when it comes to home ownership, which is why we offer multiple purchasing options and customizable home plans in Becker, MN. Whether you are looking for a single-story rambler home, or a large, two-level house that can easily accommodate a growing family, we have the floor plan, experience, and skill level necessary to bring this home to life for you.

In the end, whichever type of property you decide is right for you, be it a new build, or a move in ready model home, you can rest easy knowing that our company takes great care in providing high-quality, durable homes that will last you and your family for many years to come.