St. Cloud, MN is one of the fastest growing cities in the Mid-west. Over the past few decades it has expanded from a small community to the social, economic, and cultural heart of Minnesota’s five city metropolitan area. A vibrant hub for education, technology, header_StCloudCommunity1and health care, St. Cloud is the perfect place to call home for those who want to experience big city life with a small town feel.

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Progressive Builders is a high quality, and even better value construction company that has been building homes in the greater St. Cloud area for over 20 years, and will take the headache out of home buying for you.

The experienced designers and contractors at Progressive Builders have created low maintenance, low cost, and low stress building and purchasing process designed to make home building and home buying as easy for our clients as possible. That’s why we offer an attractive array of house plans in St. Cloud, MN that give you access to the most modern, efficient, and safe homes on the market, while allowing you to customize them to fit your own taste with our state of the art Design Your Own Home page.

We have an assortment of lots available in prime greater St. Cloud neighborhoods with easy access to the excitement of the city. If you don’t want to peruse our house plans in St. Cloud, MN we have a variety of move in ready model homes that blow away the competition in design, beauty, and reliability for our clients.

No matter what type of home you’re in the market for, Progressive Builders has got you covered. From the best house plans in St. Cloud, MN to the most beautiful model homes around, we will work to bring your dream home to life so that you can start living it. Contact us at 763-263-2227 to get started today.