3 Reasons To Choose Undermount Sinks When Building Your Home

Undermount sinks continue to grow in popularity. Those who desire high-end or gourmet kitchens find undermount sinks a “must-have” item. You won’t find them in every home – mounting the sink underneath the counter won’t work for laminate or tile countertops.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons to choose undermount sinks when building your home with Progressive Builders. And get in touch with our team to learn more!

Undermount Sinks . . .

1. Give More Counter Space

Undermount sinks allow the countertop to extend all the way to the sink edge, instead of being stopped at a lip. This can help you reclaim up to one square foot of counter space, depending on the size of your sink!

For those tight on space who need every inch of real estate, an undermount sink can really help make your kitchen feel bigger.

2. Make Counters Easy To Clean

Ease of cleaning is one of the undermount sinks biggest advantages over traditional sinks. Without a lip to form an obstruction, you can swipe food particles directly off of the counter and into the sink. Crumbs will no longer gather in the crevices around your sink.

Under mount sink in a kitchen.

3. Boost Your Home’s Value

The “designer” kitchen look is on the rise. An undermount sink, with it’s ease of cleaning and neat lines, can add higher value to potential buyers than a drop-in sink. Combined with high-end cabinets and other “designer” kitchen add-ons, and the undermount sink really earns its keep.

Building your first home is an amazing experience. Remember to make sure your home is exactly the way you want it – with an undermount sink. Contact the professional home builders with undermount sink experience at Progressive Builders to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your new home!