Best Home Improvements to Help the Resale of Your Home

If you are building a new home, the thought of selling may be far from your mind. After all, building is a large investment, and for most, a long-term one. However, some home improvements that are considered before the construction process can significantly increase the value of your home, and also the amount you can expect from a sale. Even if you plan to be in the home for some time. Some home improvement options to increase resale are better than others. In this article, we will look at the top improvement options, and why they may be something you should carefully consider.

Kitchens and BathroomsBasswood III-2 basement

These two rooms continue to have the highest effect on the amount you can sell your home for. Having a kitchen or bathroom that is small, poorly laid out, or just plain ugly can drop the resale value by thousands. Even minor updates including upgraded cabinets, higher quality fixtures, improved flooring, or better lighting may be a relatively small expense now, but will bring a significant return on your investment down the road.

General Repairs

When and if you do decide to sell, it’s easy to take pictures of your home that highlight the very best selling points to put on the MLS. However, drawing people to check out your home in person is only half of the battle. Potential homeowners will be carefully examining your home, and even a minor issue will carry far more weight in their mind than the parts of your home that are perfect. It can be a great benefit to imagine walking through your home and look at it from a buyer’s perspective. Better still, have a friend or family member do it for you. Find those potential maintenance issues before you build. Think about how you can reduce the likelihood of maintenance needs such as maintenance free siding or windows. It may make a significant difference in what your home is worth.

Curb Appeal

You may have an incredible home that is immaculate on the inside. However, if the exterior and yard are in rough shape, you may have a hard time showing anyone how great your home really is. If people drive by and are turned off by the outside, it is unlikely they will bother to come in. It can be assumed that since the outside is not well taken care of, the inside probably isn’t either. There are countless ways to improve the outside look of your home. Some can be slight improvements such as installing gutters, or they can be much larger improvements like adding a front porch, using higher quality materials for your roof, and others. Making the outside look as good as the inside is a superb way to maintain a high resale value.

Decisions, Decisions…

It is important to consider carefully the home improvements you can make before building your new home. You may think that a masterfully finished man cave is a great selling point, but a family looking for more bedrooms may not. Home improvements done for the purpose of improving potential resale should be more general in nature, and appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. You also must weigh the cost of the improvement with the expected return on your investment. There can be many factors in play including the type of market your home is in, its location, and its features. A professional builder can help you make the best decisions in which home improvements will likely have the most effect on home value.

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