Design Your Custom Home Using Our Personal Online Design Tool

Looking online at other homebuilders’ sites, it’s sometimes hard to imagine what a schematic drawing would look like in real life, or how you might be able to customize a kitchen with different cabinets, paints or backsplashes.

Now, thanks to Progressive Builders, you can design your custom home and take a sneak peek at your future home without leaving the comfort of your current one!

How To Design A Custom HomeDesign_banner02

Placing your own design touches onto a custom home couldn’t be easier at Progressive Builders’ website.

The first step to designing your custom home is to head to the ‘design your home’ page. There, you will see a number of model home options, including the Hickory, Beechwood II, Basswood III-2, and Katelyn.

You can always choose any of the homes, but just pick one to start with and click on ‘Design Now’ directly underneath the home’s photo. This will open a new window with a big, green ‘Design Now!’ button at the top left.

Click the ‘Design Now!’ button and you are on your way!

First up will be the exterior of the building, including tons of options for color of siding, shakes, shingles, front door, garage door and tons more! Above the image there are arrows pointing right and left, indicating additional rooms you can also design. At any time, you can save your design idea to the Personal Idea Gallery by clicking the ‘Done Designing? Save Now!’ button at the bottom right. You will need to create an account, including an email and password, in order to save your custom design.

Once your design is created and saved, you can share it with friends! You can also take other people’s designs, modify them, and save them as your own.

If you ever need help designing or are looking for more options, let us know!

Progressive Builders Is Here For You!

Progressive Builders is dedicated to partnering with you every step of the home building process to ensure that your home plan will accommodate your lifestyle, and will meet the needs of you and your family. We invite you to check out all of our customizable home plans available, and our lots available in neighborhoods across the area. Contact us today for more information; we sincerely look forward to speaking with you.