This inspired floor plan from our Cascade series takes its name from the Sandalwood tree, long used for it’s healing and aromatic properties. We hope your time in this home will be long-lived and healthy! The Sandalwood is a treat, with 979 square feet of cozy living space just begging to wrap it’s arms around you. Speak with your builder to learn more!


With the Sandalwood, you’re getting more than meets the eye!

Your first experience with the home will be as you walk up the concrete steps and through the front door, into a vaulted entryway with a beautiful entry closet on one side, a garage service door on the other, and stairs leading to the basement as well as up to the living space.

One of the things about the Sandalwood is that you’re going to see attention paid where it sometimes isn’t these days. Little details like an appropriately sized entry closet are underappreciated until you don’t have them.

Another instance of this is the maintenance-free vinyl siding, which is a huge advantage for any homeowner!

The Sandalwood: 2 bed, 1 bath floor plan

Living Space

At the top of the stairs, you’ll find vaulted ceilings to give you that airy feeling and make the space feel that much larger, although it’s large enough on it’s own. At 13’x12’8”, the living room is plenty generous, whether you have on TV, two or five lined up on the wall! Facing the front yard you’ll find a box-out window for sitting and watching traffic or the kids.

The dining room sits at 10’x10’, bigger than many modern dining rooms situated near the kitchen. This allows you to really host a dinner party for once! With a patio door facing the backyard, you’ll have a nice view too.


The master bedroom is 10’x12’8”, and has a great walk-in closet you’ll absolutely love! The second bedroom is 10’x10’ and also has a walk-in closet. Both bedrooms do share a common bathroom, though it does have a fiberglass bath bay and you receive a $600 allowance to customize the room.

Learn More About Your Customized Sandalwood Home!

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