Houses For Sale Near Elk River

If you’re considering moving to the Elk River area, you’re probably looking for houses for sale near Elk River. While we have a number of homes for sale near Elk River and St. Francis to show you, houses aren’t the only consideration you have. 

You’re also likely interested in the local schools and daycares near Elk River if you have or are planning to have a family. You may also be looking for information on the nightlife, restaurants, outdoor activities, and shopping available near Elk River and Saint Francis. 

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Homes For Sale Near Elk River
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Houses For Sale Near Elk River, MN

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3349 237th Ave NW, St. Francis

  ******PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!!!! Please verify colors with agent!


3418 237th Ave NW, St. Francis

  ******PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!!! Please verify colors with agent.

Under Offer

A few of the Elk River Homeowners we helped move:

Average Rating 4.5

4.5 Average Star Rating

Carrie & Nate of Elk River:

Beautiful home with very friendly people to work with. Progressive gave us a quick response to our offer on the property. It was exactly what we were looking for in our home.

Ashley of Otsego:

Communication on progress was excellent. It was easy to get a hold of the builder or rep if needed.

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