How to Care for Your Roof: The Top 5 Roof Maintenance Tips

Part of your new construction home includes a new roof. Roof repairs can be costly and are definitely worthy of a maintenance check at least once per year. Annual roof maintenance is the best way to get the most out of your investment. Summer is the perfect time to do work on your roof; the snow has melted, and it is warm and safe enough to climb up and inspect it for damage. By taking just a few precautionary measures to maintain your roof and keep it in tiptop shape, you are far less likely to have major repair or replacement nearly as often. It typically doesn’t cost much and only takes an hour or two of your day.

Tip # 1: Clean Out DebrisRoof Maintenance

If you witness debris collecting on your roof, it is crucial to remove it. This is especially true if there are ridges where two roof sections meet. These areas of your roof are prone to collecting airborne matter. Furthermore, if you have overhanging trees that shed leaves on your roof, you definitely want to keep them cleared regularly. Dead leaves and twigs have a tendency to pile up, trapping water and causing it to puddle. This stagnant water is a sure way to cause early roof deterioration. Using a broom and taking the proper safety precautions while you are on your roof is a great way to clean out debris and prevent premature damage.

Tip # 2: Clean the Gutters

Gutters are crucial for effectively allowing water to drain from the roof. If a gutter is blocked, water will build up. Similar to having debris on your roof’s surface, a blocked gutter will cause water to build up cause damage the roof. Remove built up debris in your gutters and then use a water hose to wash away any major buildups.

Tip # 3: Replace Damaged Shingles

If you see any damaged shingles and it is a concentrated area, it may not be necessary to replace the entire roof. Shingles that are broken can be secured using roofing cement, or the shingles may be replaced individually. It is helpful to keep an extra bundle of shingles around or to know your brand, style, and color of shingle. If this is not the case, a professional contractor can help you find it and order it or an exceptionally close match. They can also provide advice and education on the items you need to accomplish a shingle repair, as well as the knowledge of how to do it appropriately.

Tip # 4: Prune Tree Branches

Anytime there are branches overhanging your roof; they are one of the most likely ways a roof will suffer damage. It is best to cut back trees that overhang the roof completely. However, when this is not possible or not your personal preference, you should at least trim them back a bit to help reduce the amount of debris that will fall on your roof. Overhanging branches are often broken during our Central Minnesota summer storms. As an added bonus, trimming back your branches also reduce the likelihood of animals scurrying across your shingles.

Tip # 5: Wash the Roof

Unless you have excessive debris or dirt on your roof to remove first, giving it a good washing with a water hose and a roof cleaning solution is all you need to prevent damage and keep it looking its best. There are numerous products available to help the effectiveness of your efforts, and an experienced builder can point you in the right direction. These solutions are often applied to the surface of your roof, then rinsed off to bring beauty back to your roof. This is also an easy and efficient way to increase the visual appeal of your home when looking to sell. Remember, all debris on your roof should be removed prior to washing.

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