Manufacturer’s Warranties: Why They Matter

Building a new home is a significant investment. Therefore, it is not surprising that those considering a new home will likely be interested in learning more about manufacturer’s warranties. Manufacturer’s warranties are provided for the repair and replacement of the products used in the building of your home. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) acts as the country’s consumer protection agency. This FTC understands the necessity of manufacturer’s warranties, and it aims to make sure new homeowners know what their warranty covers, how to make claims, and how to resolve any disputes should one arise. At Progressive Builders, we consistently focus building quality homes that live up to the Federal Trade Commission’s expectations. We focus on quality and work to build you a home that lasts long after the manufacturer’s warranties expire. However, it is still important for you as the homeowner to understand the various warranties provided and how they protect the elements of your new home.

Manufacturer Warranty CoverageWarranty

Manufacturer’s Warranties are not provided directly by your builder. Instead, it is the manufacturer of the materials used in your home’s construction that offer them. When building a new home, you may have numerous manufacturer’s warranties on components including windows, ventilation, HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems, and more. Each manufacturer guarantees their product for a particular period of time. Often, manufacturer’s warranties cover both the workmanship and the materials used in their products.

It is critical that you know the duration of your home’s manufacturer’s warranties. Coverage typically lasts for a period of one year for many basic components of a home. More complex components, such as plumbing and electrical systems, may have lengthier coverage terms. Some builders also stand behind their vendor’s products and provide additional coverage for “major structural defects” that may cause your home to become a danger to you and your family. Your builder will be happy to speak with you and ensure you understand the warranties involved.

Making a Warranty Claim

In the event that there is a defect in some product used in your home, it is important to review the contract before making a claim. Find out what the warranty specifically covers. Also, look at the durations of specific coverage types and be sure that your issue will be covered. You will receive warranty documentation from your builder for each manufacturer who provides one. Those documents will also provide instructions on how to file a claim. It is a wise idea to submit your claim in writing, request a return receipt, and keep a record of any correspondence with your builder or the manufacturer. Claims are usually a very straightforward process. However, it is critical to maintain records in the event a dispute does arise.

Resolving a Dispute

If a dispute does arise, the manufacturer’s warranty will likely provide a method of mediation for disputed claims. If there is not provision for mediation, or if mediation fails, binding arbitration may be necessary. This is often preferred over taking a case to court. You and the builder bring the case before an arbitration panel. After both sides present their case, the panel will make a decision. In arbitration, the final determination cannot be appealed. It is highly unlikely that a dispute and arbitration will be needed. However, paying attention to your warranties and your rights under them can be significant should an issue with your new home arise.

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