Minnesota Fall & Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is a great time to schedule a home maintenance checkup – it’s time to prepare your Minnesota home for the cold months ahead. Here are some tips for fall and winter home maintenance from the professional home builders at Progressive Builders.

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1. Service HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are very sensitive to cold weather, so be sure to check your heating system before it gets too cold outside. If you want to avoid costly repairs later on, call an HVAC professional for an inspection now. They can let you know if there are any issues with your system so that you can make any necessary repairs before the weather gets any worse.

2. Inspect and Clean Fireplace Flue

If you have a gas fireplace, make sure that it’s properly installed and maintained. Inspect your chimney and flue annually to ensure they are in good condition, with no loose or damaged bricks or mortar joints. Make sure there are no cracks or holes in the chimney or chimney cap, which can allow smoke and carbon monoxide to enter your home. In addition, make sure there is not too much creosote built up in the flue of your fireplace. If there is, it could catch fire and cause serious damage to your house.

3. Change Batteries in Smoke & CO Detectors

The winter months are the perfect time to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. When you change your clocks, be sure to change the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors as well. This is a simple task that can save lives.

If you have a carbon monoxide detector, then it should be tested monthly during the winter months as well. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when people use portable space heaters, kerosene heaters, charcoal grills, and gas ranges without having proper ventilation in their homes or garages. It is very important that these appliances are used properly so that carbon monoxide poisoning does not occur!

4. Clean Gutters & Check Roof

Check your gutters before each rainstorm to make sure they aren’t plugged with debris such as leaves or twigs that could weaken them during heavy rains. Using a hose with a spray nozzle will help dislodge debris from gutters so they drain properly during rainstorms. Also, make sure that shingles are intact on roofs; if any are missing or cracked, repair them before winter weather arrives so they don’t leak during snowfall and ice storms

5. Turn Off Outside Faucets

Turn your outside water off at the source, usually located in your basement. Then open the exterior valves and let any excess water out before freezing temperatures cause issues. Also, be sure to drain any garden hoses so they don’t burst during the winter months.

While you’re at it, a leaky indoor faucet or drain could lead to a major water bill when winter rolls around, so check these areas now while they are still easy to access. If you have a slow leak that goes unnoticed for too long, it could cause significant damage to your flooring or walls if left unchecked!

Minnesota Fall & Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Remember to stay on top of these items to keep your home in good shape during the winter! Being prepared for fall and winter is a wise investment of your time and money.