The Phases of New Home Construction

There are so many wonderful reasons for choosing new home construction. Building a house is much more than simply building a structure. It is a declaration of your personal style. It is setting the stage for countless family memories. Building a new home is a process and there are several phases to new home construction. Watching your new home take shape is exciting, and it is helpful to understand the process as the construction progresses.

The Early Phases of New Home New Home ConstructionConstruction

The first phase of new home construction is building the foundation. This is a crucial step that must be done with the utmost care. Because the foundation holds up the entire home, when built properly, it will prevent future issues with regard to safety and home efficiency. First, excavation of the ground takes place and forms are built to properly position concrete that is poured. After the concrete is properly set, the forms are removed and you are able to see the first indication of your chosen layout.

The next phase of construction involves the framing of your home. Using lumber, the inner structure of your home is created. You will begin to see the home take shape as you can make out the windows, doors, and rooms that will be your new home. Once the framing is complete, the structure will be carefully inspected to insure it is done correctly. The builder will take you on a walk-through to sense what your new home will feel like when completed.

After the inspection is complete, the house will be wrapped with protective barrier that will keep your home safe from moisture that can cause mold or wood rot. The exterior components will begin to be applied including doors, windows, roofing, and exterior sheathing. It is important to work with your builder to choose the components that fit your budget and your preferences.

From Dream to Reality

Excitement builds as your dream home nears completion. Next, the contractor will install mechanical components such as electric wiring, as well as heating and air. Vents and ductwork will be placed and the furnace and water heater will be installed. Your plumbing system will be in place and your home will come to life. Insulation and sheetrock is installed and the interior design phase will begin. Your choices for cabinets, countertops, paint colors, light fixtures, appliances, wood trim, and other similar components will be completed. One more walkthrough and inspection will be done to ensure all the components work properly and you are finally ready to move in to your new home.

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