Seven Questions to Ask Your Potential Builder

When choosing to build your new home, having the right contractor is important. It’s a big decision and one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. The builder you choose will make the difference between a smooth building process and a disaster. They are building what can be the home of your dreams, and a nightmare. So, how can a person2987232840_1d5231d765_z choose a builder that is experienced, highly skilled, trustworthy, and affordable? It’s important to ask builders questions that will give you a better insight about their company and the work they provide. There is no perfect set of questions to ask in each situation, but there are some that should always be asked as a starting point to help determine the builder you choose. Below are the top seven questions to ask before selecting a builder for your new home.

Are you licensed and fully insured?

The builder you choose should hold any required licenses in your area, and also carry full insurance to protect them and also protect you.

What is your method of inspection at the crucial phases of construction?

It’s certainly important to know that as construction is progressing, there is a system of inspection to ensure that your home is built correctly. Mistakes that are not caught and correct can become major issues down the road.

What experience do you have? How long have you been in business?

With something as important as your new home, experience matters. Knowing that your builder has ample experience building similar homes and has longevity in business is a key factor in which builder you allow to construct your home.

What Warrantees do you offer?

Warrantees are not expected for many things we purchase, but when it comes to a new home warrantees are definitely a consideration. Knowing that the builder stands behind their work and guarantees it should always be known up front.

What will the total cost be, and can I get that in a contract before building?

It may seem obvious, but knowing what the cost will be is a question that should be asked. Getting an estimate is a good start, but request a signed contract stating the price before they begin construction. This will ensure there are no big financial surprises as the building continues.

May I see references and photos of your past projects?

A builder that has clients willing to speak towards their experience with a builder can be one of the greatest indicators of what you can expect as well. Also, seeing first-hand the work they’ve done in the past allows you to confirm they can handle your project too.

How will we communicate? Who will I work with?

Communication along the way is of extreme importance to make sure the building is going well and any questions or concerns can be addressed. Also, ask about any change requests you may have and how they handle it. Finally, knowing who you will be working closely with can help determine if a particular builder is the right fit.

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