State Statutory Warranties: A Comfort for New Construction Homes

State statutory warranties are a government mandated warranty that compels builders to honor warranties on new construction homes within an allowed period of completion. The warranties are in place to ensure that making such a considerable investment with a contractor guarantees the property will be built with quality materials and workmanship so that you are not left with a home that is substandard. It also protects you from builders who may attempt to cut corners with the construction of your home.

At Progressive Builders, we have always been focused on exceptional quality and do all we can to make sure your new home functions appropriately long after these statutory warranties expire. Furthermore, in the rare event that maintenance is required within the warranty period, we are dedicated to providing you the same high level of service and care that you experienced during your homes construction. However, understanding the statutory warranties and their limits is essential for anyone considering building a new home. We will take a brief look at these warranties to help move past the legal jargon and clearly understand the policies in place.

Time Periods of Statutory WarrantiesStatutory Warranties

In Minnesota, we have statutory warranties that are broken into three particular timeframes, depending on the type of work related to your home’s construction. A new construction home is protected for a period of one year for any defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials. For two years, the home is protected from any defects caused by faulty installation of home systems including heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing. Finally, the home is protected for a period of ten years from what the law terms “major construction defects”. These are legally defined as damage to the load-bearing portions of the home expected to affect vitally the safe and functional use of your home. One primary cause of this sort of damage is due to improper movement of the soil. However, there can be others. In short, it covers anything that poor construction methods have or can cause damage to the inner support of your home. The warranty does not include damage caused by natural disaster. Knowing the investment you are making, these statutory warranties are an incredible comfort.

How Statutory Warranties Work

It is important to note that statutory warranties are in addition to any manufacturer’s or builders warranties agreed to in a contract or determined by law. For example, if your plumbing system has a ten-year warranty, your plumbing is still covered for ten years instead of two. However, if your contracted plumbing warranty is only for one year, the statutory warranty ensures a second year of coverage. A quality builder will simply have the defect under warranty corrected. However, consumers have a right to contest a builder’s breach of contract in court. Damages are typically awarded as a difference between the value of the home and the cost to repair the issue. Furthermore, if you sell your home before these warranties expire, they carry over to the new homeowner as well. The restriction is that the vendor or builder must be notified in writing within six months of the defect being discovered. You must also allow an inspection for the purpose of preparing an estimate. The builder must then present a written offer to repair the defect within 15 days of the inspection’s completion.

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