The Importance of Choosing the Right House Plan

In our previous article titled “Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your New Home”, we discussed a general overview of what to consider when selecting the floor plan that will serve you best. In this article, we will dig a little deeper, and look at a few more specific things you would be well-served by giving some thought to. Perhaps the most important piece of advice that we mentioned in the previous article is that during this phase of your new home construction, it can be helpful to avoid focusing on the details. For example, avoid letting visual Items such as paint and trim hold too much weight in your overall layout decision. Instead, consider the flow of your design, the feel and function that you desire. The details can come later. Now, we would like expand on this vital piece of advice to help you better determine the right house plan for you and your family.

Consider the SizeYoung couple looking at house plans

How much space do you need now? How much space will you need in the future? These are two important questions you must ask yourself. Think in terms of square footage, and think in terms of the number of rooms you need. If you are retired and are not expecting guests, a smaller home with only two bedrooms may be plenty. If you are a young family with several children, and you expect more to come along, you may want to consider planning for that in your new home’s layout. If you are unsure, the best way to have a better idea, is to visit model homes to understand the differences in square footage. It is also a good idea to plan for more space than you may need. Generally, this is preferable to planning for less space, and finding out later that it is not enough.

Consider the Style

Different style homes have different benefits. For example, a split-level home is a great choice for families because of their larger square footage, as well as how that square footage is used. A ranch style home with no stairs may be optimal for a retirement home, instead of a two-story which has a stairway. Along with function, your personal taste must also be considered. If you love the look of the two-story and are not a fan of ranch style, you need to weigh what features are most important to you. Speak with your builder about the benefits and downsides of each style and give some thought to your preferences and needs.

Consider Your Limitations

Both the size and style of the floor plan you choose may be somewhat dependent on your available budget and the size of your lot. The more home you build, the higher the cost to construct it will be. Different styles may also have various expenses. Also, perhaps your lot is oddly shaped, or it is small. A multi-level may be a better choice than a standard two-story. Your builder should be able to assist you in these considerations to help you make the best decisions.

Consider Popular Plans

Designing your new home from scratch can be challenging. Often, a builder who has an excellent selection of home floor plans already available is a great benefit. First, if your builder has plans, they may have model homes built so you can walk through and see them first-hand. Also, they can be a very helpful way to look at, and determine which style, size, and features best suit your needs. Finally, most existing plans can be customized. This will save you both time and money, eliminating the need to create one from scratch.

Progressive Builders Is Here For You!

Whatever your plans include, Progressive Builders is passionate about partnering with you every step of the home building process. Our mission is to ensure that your home plan will accommodate your lifestyle and meet the unique needs of your family. We will also assist you in finding the right floor plan and constructing your home with a focus on quality, all at an outstanding value. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve built a reputation across the Twin Cities metro area and beyond, and we are committed to continuing that level of excellence for your new home construction project. We have a number of customizable home plans to suit your needs and several lots available in neighborhoods across the Metro. We invite you to contact us today for more information.