Top 3 Ways to Build In Value in Your New Home

When building a new home, it’s important that such a large investment will offer a great return. Of course your planning should make the home a great fit for you and your family, but it’s also a great idea to put some thought in what your design choices add to the value of your home. It may be that you plan to stay in the home a few years, or you might be planning to live there for the rest of your life. In either case, adding elements that increase what your home would be worth on the market is important. There are many different ways this can be done. We’ve listed a few of the best ways that you can add value to your home before you even move in.

More Space

The larger your home, and the more spacious the plan is, the more the home will be worth. Of course, adding space means adding the initial expense to build it. Even if your budget eliminates your opportunity to expand the size of your bedrooms or add on an extra dining room, there are some creative ways that you can increase your square footage for 1172_Sandalwood_2_stall_frontminimal expense. Creating a loft space above the garage or including a sub-basement are a couple ideas. These will still increase your building cost, but in the long run the minor expense now can become a big boost to your home’s overall value.

Start Small

You don’t have to make major changes to your plans to increase value. Some small and easy improvements can make a real difference in the value of your home. Making the house more energy efficient is a big plus. Increasing the insulation, upgrading to triple-glazed windows, or opting for more energy efficient appliances will become a great selling point down the road. And don’t forget the importance of interior design. Choosing complementary paint colors and using carpet and woodwork that is warm and inviting may be more important to your home’s value than you think. If you like neon green walls and black shag carpet then go for it, just remember you may need to consider replacing those elements before you consider contacting a realtor.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Sell the Home

Those two rooms, more than anything else is going to bring the most value. If your plan calls for a tiny bathroom and kitchen, consider giving up space in a bedroom or closet to increase their size. If your choice in appliances, tile, paint, cabinets, sinks, bathtub, shower, and other key items in those rooms are sub-par, keep in mind it can greatly decrease the overall value of the entire home. Paying careful attention to the kitchen and bathroom in your planning is not something to overlook. Think carefully about what you would really want in those rooms, and what others will want in them when you leave the home.

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