What’s The Difference? The Value Of Using A Floor Truss System In Our Homes

There are so many different components that go into the construction of your new home. One of these components is the method used to support your floor. There are two different options; I- beam floor joists and floor truss systems. So, with something as important as your home’s construction, you want to make sure that every aspect is the best. However, how can you be sure? Knowing the differences between your floor support options can help to ensure that your family will be on solid flooring for generations to come.

About I-Beam Floor Joists

I-beam floor joists were developed in 1969 to provide better strength with less lumber than a dimensional lumber floor joist. The I-beam joists are made of manufactured wood, and Couple at new home construction sitethe joist’s name comes from its shape. When one looks at the end of an I-beam joist, it looks like a capital “I”. I-beam joists have other advantages than simply the ability to hold more weight, they provide protection against bowing, twisting, and splitting that is common to dimensional lumber joists. As time passes, these will help to avoid the squeaks and creaks often heard when walking on a floor in an older home with dimensional lumber joists. The question is, are I-beam joists the best option. To find out, we must look at floor truss systems to compare.

About Floor Truss Systems

Floor truss systems are a more economical and structurally sound option than I-beam floor joists. Generally, the modern floor truss was invented in 1952 and have been improved upon in the years since. They are built with a rectangular frame and triangular shaped braces within to provide maximum strength. Some of the greatest benefits include the ability to provide a stronger load bearing surface and easier versatility for other construction components including plumbing and ductwork. They also help to speed the building process as there are no modifications needed at the construction site. So, if floor truss systems are superior to i-beam joists, it is important to look a little deeper at the reasons why, and why your Progressive Builders home should enjoy the added value of the system.

The Real Value of Floor Truss Systems

Floor truss systems are a more economic and higher quality choice for a few reasons. First, they do not require the need for additional structural support like I-beam trusses. They are also much more friendly to other trades for both installation and repair of plumbing, electrical, ductwork, and others eliminating time and expense. They allow for much more cost-effective layout options including sunken floors. Moreover, they are stronger and able to resist creaks and squeaks, as well as structural shifting over time. While there are many other reasons a floor truss system will be more valuable to you, your contractor can provide more information on why they are the optimal choice when constructing your new home.

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