Winter Construction – What to Expect

Building your new home during the winter months does have its challenges. However, it is still possible if it is properly planned and executed. There can be some excellent benefits by building during the cold months of the year, as well as some downfalls. Whether your home construction began in the fall and is moving into winter, or if you are considering to start construction amid the falling snow, there are some important factors to think about and decisions to make. Your best bet is to discuss any winter construction projects with your builder. They will have sound advice and the expertise to manage it successfully. Below we share some of the most important things to think about before deciding to build in the winter.

Less Competition for LaborThe Aspen: 2 bed, 2 bath home

The vast majority of new home construction occurs in the warmer months of the year. Beginning in early spring and lasting until late fall, many contractors and subcontractors are extremely busy. Because of this, there can be delays in your building schedule or the completion of your home may be a bit lengthier. Because there is less demand on the time of professional builders in the winter months, it is likely that the construction process can move faster because of the lessened competition. However, these gains can be offset by other delays such as winter storms, dangerously low temperatures, and other factors.


There are certain aspects of the construction process that can be a bit tricky when the temperatures are low. One of the largest is the issue of digging and pouring your basement and foundation. Frozen ground is rock hard and digging your basement can be challenging. Also, there is always the risk that when pouring the concrete, it may freeze before it is cured. If this occurs, it could severely and permanently compromise the strength of your foundation. However, if the proper precautions are taken, and if the concrete is poured in milder winter temperatures, this process can be done safely. Other work such as painting, plumbing, and other construction projects may also be delayed due to temperatures.

A Personal Choice

You have worked hard to build your new home, you are excited and want to enjoy it as soon as possible. Building in the winter may be needed if you wish to move in as soon as you can. Furthermore, winter building may be an excellent option. Just keep in mind what you face when deciding to do so. Again, it is best to discuss your plans with your builder as to what they recommend. In the end, it is a choice you and your builder must make.

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