Woodworking And Finishing: The Importance of Craftsmanship

Have you ever been to a housewarming for a friend or loved one? You take their tour admiring the freshness and beauty of their brand new home. You listen as they share the construction story and explain why they chose the appliances they did. Then, you suddenly notice that something is not right. It may be a minor issue, but once you see it, it is all you can concentrate on. Moreover, when you leave, and you are sharing with others, it may be hard to give a glowing review because you just can’t get that minor error out of your mind. Unfortunately, regardless of the beauty and extravagance a new home displays, there are minor imperfections that undermine everything. Whether it was wall trim that did not appear straight, or a window that was not properly mitered, even the smallest things can make a big difference. Because of this, the importance of extraordinary craftsmanship is critical. Having craftsmen build your home in the best way possible requires them to possess the skill, the proper tools, experience, and the dedication. These are needed to make sure that there are no minor issues that can detract from your home’s overall beauty. To achieve this level of excellence also involves several other factors. We’ve compiled a list of the top factors needed for your interior woodworking and finishing to be truly exceptional.

Quality MaterialsWoodworking

When it comes to wood, there are many different variables. Even when examining wood of the same species, there are significant differences. When you choose your trim, whatever species it may be, it is important to use only the very best quality. If your trim is warped or twisted, varies in thickness, is prone to expanding and contracting with humidity, or any other number of issues, even if it looks great right away, it will show those imperfections over time. If your builder uses stain or varnish that is not meant to hold up for heavy traffic, or if the stain was not evenly applied, it can create an issue that once discovered, cannot be ignored. The builder you choose should select only the highest quality woods and materials, and check each piece to guarantee a long-term beauty and resiliency.

Quality Tools

Having the right tools is extremely important. For some jobs, using cheap or worn tools may not make a difference, as any imperfections will be covered up. However, your trim does the covering. Dull saw blades can tear and splinter trim edges, miter saws out of alignment can cut imprecise angles, and underpowered or worn out nailers can damage the wood surface. In a shop, tools do not face the harsher environment of the job site. So it is important that the tools used there are kept in tip-top shape, and repaired or replaced at the first sign of trouble. Furthermore, in the event that a tool does cause damage, your builder should replace any damage, even with a new trim piece if necessary.

Quality Craftsman

Perhaps the most often, and most important factor to ensure your home’s interior trim is of the highest quality, is the craftsman themselves. Fine woodworking is both a skill and an art. Starting with raw talent, the craftsman must hone their skills over time, develop the proper eye, and learn how to master the practice of finish woodworking. There is still more involved. They must be passionate about perfection, and work to achieve it with every project. If they are willing to settle for less than their very best, their work will show this. You want a builder who uses this type of craftsman to deliver.

Woodworking is an ancient skill and the men and women who dedicate themselves to providing it have a long-standing tradition of pride and honor. At Progressive Builders, we are committed to ensuring that every step of the new home construction process is done with the very highest standards, and our insistence on quality with these finishing touches are certainly no exception. You can be sure that with Progressive Builders on your side, there will be no imperfections due to craftsmanship that can undermine the overall beauty and function of your new home. When you welcome friends and family in to see your new home for the first time, you can rest knowing all they will see is exceptional quality.

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